Congratulations, It’s a Bouncing Baby Podcast!

When Steve and I were approached about doing a podcast together I was immediately on board. Other than the occasional DJ gig together, we haven’t had an opportunity for a collaborative, creative project in a very long time. At this point in our relationship, we’re both fairly clear on the other’s tastes in music; there are always some surprises, of course, but in general we are predictable. Now, I have to say that perhaps I feel more confident in predicting what Steve will like or, easier, dislike, than he does predicting my likes and dislikes, at least that’s what he says. (I guess I retain that elusive air of mystery essential to all relationships. Ha! No, that’s pretty much a load of bullshit, but it sounded good for a second, didn’t it?)

We used to talk about music a lot when we were younger and music and going to out to see bands played a bigger role in both our lives. And we’d argue about it, a lot. It was frustrating, and infuriating, and in the end rather fun because we are both so adamant about our opinions. We’ve been a couple and married for a few years (let’s just say we’re still under two decades, but just), and we had fallen into the habit of using a certain verbal shorthand when talking about music, when we talked about it at all. The idea of sitting down each week and thoroughly discussing songs and artists together, for a purpose, was very appealing. We met because of music, and even though our tastes can vary wildly, it’s our thing.

So now we’re tasked with intensive listening to the chosen material each week and it’s been particularly challenging when we’re listening in the car together. I want to talk about what we’re hearing but I have to remind myself to save it for the podcast. It’s at once exciting and frustrating, but mostly exciting. While Steve has been a music writer for the majority of his adult life, actually thinking seriously about music is something I haven’t done in a long time, and talking about it in a formal setting is extra daunting.

I’m still getting my sea legs, as it were, but so far so good. I feel equal parts confident and nervous, but I love spending this time with Steve making these things to which people seem to have some fun listening.

Oh yeah, it’s called Married, With Music and you can find it on STL Vernacular, iTunes, or Stitcher. Please listen, rate us, comment! We want to hear from you!


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